Be seen.  Be celebrated.


Fuck Yeah Femme Productions creates events to celebrate the lives and identities of femmes, bitches, and whores.  Sharing stories, making art, deepening our embodiment, connecting to our eroticism, laughing, crying, raging, and playing, we create the world we want to live in one gathering at a time.



"Femmes of all gender orientations have historically been disrespected, dejected, disavowed, and left for dead the moment we step out of line."

Chani Nicholas,

join us on December 9 for a celebration of our Femme Heroes and Ancestors

Who informs how you embody "femme"?  Join us for this two hour event--part workshop, part ritual, part arts and crafts time--to honor the femmes who inspire us.  And to inspire each other. 

December 9, 2017, 3:30 - 5:30PM

at Qulture Collective, 1714 Franklin St, Oakland, CA

Tickets available at the door $15-$25 sliding scale (NOTAFLOF) Cash of check preferred.

Check out our events page for even more opportunities to be seen and celebrated in your femme community!